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Karma The Six Realm gamifies and playifies prosocial and mindfulness game mechanics in a compelling and immersive game narrative. In Buddhism, the Six Realms are not considered - literal places, but metaphors for the varying daily psychological states of the human mind. Not everyone goes through the six realms the Same Way. The Journey through the six realms is a Journey through the mind.

Skinning The Six Realms

Players are born into one of the six realms of existence.

  1. The god realm, where beings experience great pleasure and luxury but are still subject to suffering and impermanence.
  2. The demigod realm, where beings experience temporary pleasure but are also consumed by jealousy and conflict.
  3. The human realm, where beings experience a mix of pleasure and suffering and have the opportunity to achieve enlightenment.
  4. The animal realm, where beings experience primarily suffering and are driven by instinct and survival.
  5. The hungry ghost realm, where beings experience extreme hunger and thirst but are unable to satisfy their cravings.
  6. The hell realm, where beings experience intense suffering and torment.

Karma is a virtual reality (VR) game incorporating exploration, meditation, and strategy, with Tend & Befriend mechanics, puzzles, and sentiment tracking. Our focus is on the health benefits of self-selected exposure to the Science of Prosociality - its involvement in the modeling of desired behaviors. This approach links game mechanics to the core values that enable the player to experience the benefits of healthy choices in an interactive, immersive, and responsive experience.